Scott Maurice

Life Outside of Avail

Scott is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Idaho. A happy husband and proud father of three great kids, Scott spends his working hours as a Managing Partner of Avail Partners. Back in Brooklyn, Scott distinctly remembers watching television and seeing the large, green yards that so many families seemed to enjoy. The thrill of providing that quintessential American experience to his family, as well as seizing it for himself, has far from dulled. As a conservative and a Christian, Scott is also glad to have found a home alongside so many like-minded peers out west, who are quicker here to share and support the values by which he raises his family than elsewhere.

Because Scott works so heavily with technology, it can be supremely pleasant to put it down when he gets home. He enjoys Crossfit and camping. When they were deciding to expand the family, he promised his wife, an avid runner, that he would run a marathon if they had one more child. So, he now cheerfully counts training for that marathon as a hobby as well.

A card-carrying member of the NRA, Scott is also fond of hunting. When possible, he likes to go fishing. It is a quiet activity that is simultaneously simple, serene, and satisfying. And, much like hunting, the best part is comes at the end of the day, when you are left with a good meal to share with close friends and family.

Scott Maurice deeply believes this Earth is good. It can be disappointing to know so many people do not get to go outside and enjoy a more authentic representation of what life on this planet is supposed to be. Fully understanding things like where food comes from and our role in nature is precious. Embracing these values, and instilling them in his children, is a true joy.

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Boise, Idaho